New Partner Program

Since 2013, we have provided private label (white label) solutions for strategic partners. Over the years, we have had a number of people request an affiliate platform that would allow them to earn complimentary tools or commission based on referrals they made to our company. At the start of 2019, we launched the new Partner Portal. This portal is designed for all MBizTools partners who wish to take advantage of the Partner Program.

Partnership Opportunities

With the launch of the new portal, we now offer 3 types of partnership opportunities. Each of these is detailed below. At the basic level, you can earn a 20% commission on all MBizTools and initial payment of custom work. At a more complex level is the private label partnership which allows you to provide a large number of our tools completely under your brand.


A connector is an entry level affiliate. As a connector, you are eligible to receive 20%-40% commission on all upgrades and purchases from leads who enter the system through your affiliate links. Your commission level is based on either the number of leads you have in the system or the revenue generated from upgrades. This is ideal for anyone interested in just submitting leads and earning a secondary income while serving as an Independent Connector.


Executives have the opportunity to provide consultations to interested clients. One of the best features is the ability to generate your own leads from anyone interested in learning more about the various MBizTools. Executives must be using both the MBizCard and MBizLeads platforms at a minimum and take the certification course to serve in this role. Commission ranges from 30%-40% and can earn you additional training and setup contracts.

Private Label

Private Label (White Label) partners are interested in promoting select MBizTools to their own clients or team members with no link to the MBizTools platform. Under this partnership, all reference to MBizTools and the corresponding MBizTool is removed. Not all tools can be private labeled, but the ones that can come with an initial investment which covers setup and branding of the platform to compliment your current brand.

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